Serge Full Panels

Essential Serge: full planels in the classic form factor ("4U" height) and with banana jacks. In cooperation with Serge Tcherepnin, La Bestia II, Mantra and Edelweiss offer amazing combinations of the key modules that made the Serge system famous and are suited both for as entry systems or for expansion. Everything is designed to be powered by +/-12V.

All panels are built and calibrated and are available in various enclosure ("boat") options - standard is normal (17") width and regular depth (slim), but there is also super-slim and XL (+50% width) plus various power options. Please feel free to inquire per email before placing an order.

Looking for Serge in Euro (3U)?. Check out our Serge for Euro page.


Serge Mantra II

Serge Mantra II

Mantra II is an extremely versatile Serge system and an ideal start in the Serge Modular music system. It comprises a number of modules designed or redesigned by Serge in 2020 to 2023 like the GTS and the GTO push the boundaries further than ever before.

Mantra II is available in 2 styles: anodized aluminum (classic) and coated in chalk gray.


Mantra II - Modules

Serge Sequencer 8 (4") 
Serge GTS XL NEW!(4") 
Serge GTO + Noise Source NEW!(2") 
Serge GTS NEW!(2") 
Serge Active Processor / Flip-Flop 2017 Version(1") 
Serge Variable Q VCF (VCFQ) Special* (2") 
X-Fader Balanced (1") 
Serge Mantra II panel


Serge Tantra

TANTRA is designed as a complementary panel to MANTRA, but is an equally powerfull addition to any other panel. Rhythm, the voltage controlled divider (÷N) and the Pulse Divider vastly expand rhythmic options. A number of utility functions (Mix Pro, Active Pro+, Mixer), an additional pair of slopes (GTS), the middle section of the classic Wave Multipliers, the new Serge VCFX filter and an XFader as an additional output module (for stereo output) cover a lot of ground both in the audio and CV realm.


TANTRA - Modules

Rhythm (2") 
Dual VCA / ÷N (2") 
Serge Mixer/Processor (1") 
Pulse Divider / Switches NEW!(2") 
Serge Active Processor+ 2017 Version(1") 
SEQQ - Sequencer / Quantizer NEW!(2") 
Dual GTS NEW!(2") 
Serge Mixer (1") 
Wave Multiplier / VCFX 2023 (2") 
XFader with Balanced Out (1") 
Serge TANTRA panel


Edelweiss III

Serge Edelweiss III

Edelweiss III is the latest incarnation of Edelweiss. It may look like an ideal control panel, but it is also quite powerful in the audio range. Many modules like the GTS, GTO or DSG mk2 have been designed or optimized for audio performance and can be used as oscillators, filters or lowpass gates.

Edelweiss III - Modules

Serge GTS XL NEW!(4") 
Serge Mixer/Processor (1") 
Pulse Divider / Switches NEW!(2") 
Serge Active Processor+ 2017 Version(1") 
Serge DSG mk2 (3") 
Serge Mixer/Processor (1") 
Serge DUAL GTO / Noise NEW!(4") 



Serge Inori panel

The Serge Inori is a powerful voice panel with a stereo filter and stereo output. The combination of Dual PCO, Serge's new RING modulator and Wave Multipliers offers a wide range of sonic possibilities. The Quadslope section comprises 4 Slope/Transient Generators both for audio and CV use. The new Stereo VCFQ is essentially 2 classic VCFQs that share a common control.

INORI - Modules

Serge Dual Precision Oscillator (PCO) (3") 
Serge Peak & Trough (1") 
Serge New Ring modulator (RING) (1") 
Serge Mixer (CV/Audio) (1") 
Serge Wave Multipliers (VCM) (2") 
Serge Quadslope (4x DSG mk2) (4") 
Serge Active Processor / Serge Noise (1") 
Serge STEREO Variable Q VCF (ST-VCFQ) (2") 
Equal Power Stereo Mixer (2") 
Inori Panel (built and calibrated, including passive boat (no psu) - now availabile! - (17")3200 (plus VAT where applicable)


Serge Crocodile

Serge Crocodile panel

The Serge Crocodile is a powerful voice panel and an ideal companion for the Serge Touch Keyboard (TKB). The new Special Timbral Oscillator introduces unique wave-folding possibilities with CV-control in 2 dimensions. The 2-channel Quantizer and Precision CV-PRO make the panel very suited for tonal work.

Crocodile - Modules

Serge Special Timbral Oscillator (STO) (3") 
Serge Quantizer (1") 
Serge Precision CV-Processor / Mixer (2") 
Serge DSG mk2 XL (4") 
Serge Active Processor / Serge Noise (1") 
Serge SSG (2") 
Serge Variable Q VCF (VCFQ) Special* (2") 
X-Fader Balanced (1") 
Serge Crocodile panel
Crocodile Panel (built and calibrated, including passive boat (no psu) - in stock! - (17")3100 (plus VAT where applicable)


Touch Activated Keyboard Sequencer (TKB)

Serge TKB

The TKB - gold edition by R*S - is a super-slim and extended version of Serge's famous combination of a 16-step sequencer/programmer with a Touch keyboard. In addition to the original features, it offers:

  • Glide function: when turned on, row B controls the amount of Glide for output A
  • Buffered GATE outputs
  • LEDs indicating the vertical stage
  • Vertical Reset
  • precision KEY V output calibrated to semitones
  • (optional) key priority
  • maximum sensitivity / smooth Pressure output

The R*S TKB is available in different configurations - all are identical in height / form factor (= classic 4U) and each includes a superslim boat:

  • Classic: Banana jacks, not powered (to be used with a R*S PSU), power cord with XLR-4 connector upon request
  • Eurorack: euro jacks, powered (to be used with an external Meanwell GSM60A24-P1J or GSM90A-24-P1M DC adapter, not included by default!)
  • Special: Banana jacks, powered (to be used with an external Meanwell GSM60A24-P1J or GSM90A-24-P1M DC adapter, not included by default!)
Usually ships (depending on configuration, stock levels and holidays!) within 2-3 days to 2 weeks.

La Bestia II

Serge La Bestia V2

La Bestia II is a very dense voice and timbre panel, featuring the new 2017 Serge NTO with its amazing waveshaper. A DSG mk2 in an oscillator ("TimeGen") configuration offers up to 4 octaves of tracking. The famous Serge Wave Multipliers, an SSG and a Serge Noise Source, the 2 most prominent Serge filters, a high-end audio mixer and the R*S Stereo Mixer make this a powerful soundshaping tool and ideal companion for Edelweiss II.

La Bestia II - Modules

Serge NTO Build docSMT(3") 
Audio Mixer (MUSES edition) Build docSMT(1") 
Serge Wave Multipliers (VCM) SMT(2") 
Serge SSG + Noise Source Build docSMT(2") 
Serge DSG mk2 Build docSMT(2") 
Serge Variable Slope VCF (VCFS) Build docTH(2") 
Serge Variable Q VCF (VCFQ) Special* Build docSMT(2") 
Stereo Mixer MUSES Build docSMT(2") 


Boat / PSD

Regular and XL boats (to house Edelweiss + 2 4x4 modules) are available here.

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