Serge VC Resonant EQ for Euro Serge VC Resonant EQ for Euro

Serge VC Resonant EQ -
A Classic Reloaded

The legendary Serge Resonant EQ is a filterbank with ten bands, designed for electronic sound synthesis and processing, providing formant peaks and valleys similar to those found in acoustic instruments. It is one of the most unique sounding modules with an enormous spectral range. For the VC version, voltage control over each individual band has been added - an attenuverter (CV processor) allows to determine exactly whether the CV applied shall emphasize or decrease each filter band. Each band now also has an individual output.

The CV inputs can also be abused to feed audio signals - e.g. form an external oscillar or one of the individual outputs - into the system.

The eurorack version adds a two-channel mixer with attenuators and a Feedback section which allows to feed back the output signal. A powerful tool for sound processing but also for sound creation!

There are three equalized outputs: the two Comb outputs provide the sums of the two alternate filter bands while the two top outputs are the mix of all filter bands. Please note that there is no sharp separation between the bands, moving any frequency knob will have an influence on both Comb outputs.

Documentation: Serge VCRESEQ user manual

Serge VC Resonant EQ for eurorack:

  • Original Serge
  • Circuit identical to 4U version ("Siegfried")
  • Eurorack format (3U), 42 hp
  • Power consumption: 220mA @ +12V, 200mA @ -12V
  • Skiff-friendly: < 25mm (1")

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