Serge Pont-Neuf format jumbler for Euro

Serge Pont-Neuf format jumbler

Pont-Neuf is an adaptor module which converts between eurorack jacks (3,5mm / 1/8") jacks and banana plugs, providing a simple link between eurorack and Serge 4U systems. The module provides 8 bidirectional channels, is superslim and passive, i.e. does not require a power connection. It does provide a GND-banana-jack to establish a common ground between the systems.

Some details of the Serge Pont-Neuf module:

  • Eurorack format (3U), 10 hp
  • Power consumption: - (passive!)
  • (NEW) Skiff-friendly: < 25mm (1")
Complete Module    99 EUR

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