Serge Precision Oscillator (PCO) for Eurorack
Serge PCO for Euro

Serge Precision Oscillator (PCO)

The Precision VCO (PCO) is Serge's legendary oscillator. It combines raw vintage sound with astonishing precison.

The PCO is a versatile, voltage controlled oscillator now offering four high quality waveform outputs (sine, triangle, pulse and sawtooth) and both linear and exponential frequency modulation capabilities . A front panel switch conveniently extends the range of the PCO from the audio range (16 to 16,000 Hz) to a sub-audio range (.1 to 200 Hz) for use as a Low Frequency Oscillator.

Serge PCO Waveforms Serge PCO basic waveforms

EXCELLENT RESPONSE, TRACKING AND STABILITY: Featuring the identical exponential response, exceptional tracking characteristics, and perfect temperature stability as the NTO, the PCO is especially suited for use with the NTO or another PCO as a modulation source for dynamic depth linear FM.

Two calibrated one volt per octave inputs as well as a variable processing input are provided for complex frequency control. FM depth can be varied with the front panel adjustment. A Sync input is also available for locking the PCO to another oscillator's fundamental, harmonic, or sub-harmonic frequency.

The Serge PCO is the only authorized version of Serge's classic design.

Some details of the Serge PCO eurorack module:

  • Authentic Serge design
  • Now with PULSE OUT
  • Variable oven temperature
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Eurorack (3U) format, 14 hp
  • Power consumption: 75mA @ +12V, 60mA @ -12V
  • Skiff-friedly, Module depth: < 30mm
Complete Module    390 EUR

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