Serge DSG mk2 for Euro Serge DSG mk2 for Euro

Some complex waveforms generated by a single DSG mk2:

Serge DSG mk2 waveforms

DSG mk2 tracking test:

Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator mk2 (DSG)

The Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator (DSG) is probably the most versatile module of a Serge Modular system, incorporating a wide range of functions for both CV and audio. Some functions for which one Slope Generator can be used: VC Transient Envelope Generator, VC LFO, VC Portamento device, Envelope Follower (Detector), VC Pulse Delay (Monostable), Sub-Harmonic Series Generator (Divider), Audio Oscillator with variable waveform symmetry (saw to triangle), Non-Linear Audio Processor (low-fidelity VCF).

From the catalog: "The Universal Slope Generators are unity gain voltage followers with voltage controllable slopes. The range of control is exponential, extremely wide, and the Rise and Fall times can be controlled independently. The range of the Slope Generator is from sub-sonic to high audio frequency. Trigger inputs and trigger outputs allows each section of this dual module to function as a transient (envelope) generator, pulse delay, or in a "cycling mode" (to produce an LFO or clock). Since the Rise and Fall times are voltage controllable, this adds another dimension to the above functions.

The DSG mk2 version has been optimized for audio performance and speed/precision. The top section covers a frequency range up to more than 10kHz. It also offers improved tracking and some temperature compensation.

Now - for the first time and licenced by Serge - an updated version (mk2) of the DSG is available as a Eurorack module.

Some details of the Random*Source Serge DSG kit:

  • Under licence from and in cooperation with Serge Tcherepnin
  • Separate VC inputs for Rise and Fall
  • improved tracking (up to 4 octaves)
  • Pulse out with 50% duty cycle in the top
  • Limited editionb>/ new version with (some) temperature compensation
  • Uses selected audiophile parts for superior audio performance (up to >10kHz)
  • DSG mk2 board in SMT, manufactured in Germany
  • No wiring needed
  • Eurorack format (3U), 26 hp
  • Power consumption: 90mA @ +12V, 80mA @ -12V
  • Module depth: < 40mm (1.5")
Complete Module    500 EUR

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