VC Resonant EQ / Variable Bandwidth Filter

The Serge SIEGFRIED is a combines two unique audio processing modules in a half-panel (8" wide, "8x4"): The brand new Serge VC Resonant EQ takes the iconic Resonant Equalizer to a new level by adding voltage-control (with attenuverter) and individual outputs to each of the 10 frequency bands. The Variable Bandwidth Filter is probably the rarest classic filter in the Serge system, offering a unique combination of 2 filters.

*** This is 4U format - not eurorack! ***


A bit of background - quoting the 1983 Serge catalogue: "The Serge Resonant Equalizer (EQ) is a unique ten-band filter designed specifically for electronic sound synthesis and processing. Except for the top and bottom frequency bands, all other bands are spaced at an interval of a major seventh. This non-standard spacing avoids the very common effect of an accentuated resonance in one key, as will be the effect from graphic equalizers with octave or third-octave spacing between bands. Spacing by octaves will reinforce a regular overtone structure for one musical key, thereby producing regularly spaced formants accenting a particular tonality. The Resonant Equalizer's band spacing are much more interesting, producing formant peaks and valleys that are similar to those in acoustic instument sounds."

The VARIABLE BANDWIDTH VCF (VCF2) has a band-pass output which can be varied manually or with voltage control... Two state-variable VCF's are connected in series to produce a total of five outputs. High pass, low pass, two fixed bandwidth outputs, and one variable bandwidth output are available. The outputs are all flat-response (no resonance) so the VCF2 is suitable for processing concrete sounds without introducing resonant coloration to the timbres. Under voltage or manual control, cut-off frequency of the high and low-pass outputs are affected, as well as the center frequency of the two band-pass outputs. Both center frequency and bandwidth are independently controllable on the variable bandwidth output."

Designed and licenced by Serge - the VCF2 features a new switch which determines if the CV-controls are routed to the first (left), second (right) or both filters, bringing even more sonic options.


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