Serge New Timbral Oscillator + XFader Serge NTO

Serge New Timbral Oscillator (NTO) / XFADER

The NTO is Serge's legendary and most ambitious oscillator. The R*S XFader is an equal power design using highend THAT VCAs and features a variable VCA character to emulate the behavior of vintage Serge VCAs.

The new NTO by Random*Source has been developed in close cooperation with Serge. It took about 2 years to replace obsolete parts and bring the NTO to SMT with some optimizations (precision references and parts) for stability. It also features a new Pulse Out (square wave) in addition to the classic outputs.

Some details of the Random*Source NTO module:

  • NTO: new PULSE OUT
  • NTO: variable oven temperature
  • NTO on multilayer pcb with all SMT parts soldered in.
  • XFADER: balanced out (not on panel)
  • PCBs in SMT, manufactured in Germany
  • 4x4 format (4U high - this is not Eurorack!)
Serge NTO pcbs in SMT
BOM / Build Documentation (PDF): Serge NTO R*S XFADER

The NTO is available as a DIY (semi-)kit or - upon request - as complete (built) module. The kit contains:

  • Aluminum front panel, 2mm, cnc made and anodized in germany
  • 1 Serge NTO pcb set (multilayer, all SMT components installed)
  • 1 XFADER pcb set (SMT, all SMT components installed)
4x4 module: € 715 OUT OF STOCK

*** This is 4U format - not eurorack! ***


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