Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator XL
PEAK & TROUGH in action:

Serge Dual Slope Generator mk2 XL

The Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator (DSG) can easily be defined as the essence of Serge and the west coast approach. Probably the most versatile analog module ever designed, often copied, never reached, is now avaulable in an XL version, that never existed before: it contains a full Serge DSG mk2 as well as:

  • VC BOTH inputs in addition to separate RISE and fall
  • SINOID outputs - configurable to unipolar (0V-5V) or bipolar (-2.5V to 2.5V) level
  • NOT RISE gate outputs
  • Serge PEAK & TROUGH integrated: each compares the regular output of one side with a signal of your choice to deliver whatever signal is higher (PEAK) or lower (TROUGH).
  • PULSE and BIPOLAR out at the same time (top section)

While the regular DSG is already a massive, complex (dual) oscillator, the XL version adds a number of new dimensions. The PEAK and TROUGH can be used as a pseudo-VCA, a mean drone-machine, for effects similar to ring modulator or for prseudo-stereo outputs.

The DSG mk2 version has been optimized for audio performance and speed/precision. The top section covers a frequency range up to more than 10kHz. It also offers improved tracking (up to 4 octaves or more) and some temperature compensation.

Serge DSG XL waveforms

DSG mk2 XL is available as complete module (built and calibrated) or a DIY (semi-)kit (comprising a 2mm aluminum front panel and 2 pcbs with all smt parts already installed, but no other parts - this is not a full kit!).

BOM / Build Documentation (PDF): Serge DSG XL
4x4 module: € 595 OUT OF STOCK

*** This is 4U format - not eurorack! ***


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