TEMPO DI ROMA offers a unique combination of sequencing, programming, switching and logic, that brings Paperface to a new level. The classic GATE sequencer is no longer alone - two 4-step programmers that are also sequencers (with HOLD, RESET, UP/DOWN) can be run independently. Serge's new metronomic Clock is a precise, temperature-stable analog tempo source that can bring any of these sequencers to life. Three Bi-Directional Switches allow complex combinations of the Sequencers (or even audio signals). The bottom switch is special: it includes a Flip-Flop so that with the first trigger, the Switch is turned ON (and stays ON), until another trigger turns it OFF again. An additional FLOP output is also added. Last not least the panel contains a PEAK&TROUGH section. With logic signals, PEAK (max function) acts like an boolean OR, TROUGH (min function) like a boolean AND. However, PEAK&TROUGH can also be used with audio signals or CV.

The sequencer panel comes built and calibrated in a superslim boat and is designed to be powered externally (e.g. with a mobile PSU) - PSU not included.

Serge TEMPO DI ROMA (including boat) - CAN BE ORDERED NOW! - 17" 2100*
* plus VAT where applicable


Serge TEMPO DI ROMA Modules

Serge Gate Sequencer (2") 
Serge Sequencer / Programmer with Metronomic Clock (6") 
Serge Bidirectional Switches (2") 
Serge Sequencer / Programmer with Peak & Trough (6") 
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