Original "Vintage" Haible pcbs For Sale

Original Haible pcbs Haible Triple Chorus

A number of boards from Jürgen Haible's original stock could be retrieved and are now available for sale. Please note that this is either "new old stock" ("NOS") - original boards that are a couple of years old and appear to be in normal condition considering their age - or "RE-RUN" pcbs - freshly manufactured pcbs from Jürgens original files and factory. These are not Random*Source pcbs, but original ("vintage") stock either from Jürgen's original production runs or from re-runs. They are offered as they are, without any reps or warranties or support.

The original documentation can be found on the Haible legacy website - there is no additional documentation or support. Make sure you check the BOMs / parts needed before ordering!

While stock lasts / No returns.

Please inquire about shipping cost - German mail service no longer allows sending pcbs internationally as a letter :-(

Haible Trapezoid VCA NOS(1 pcb)
€ 33
Haible Filterbank 907 NOS(2 pcbs)
€ 66
Haible Filterbank 914 (NOS)(3 pcbs)
€ 99
Haible Resonator NOS(1 pcb)
€ 33
- out of stock -
Haible Varislope Filter NOS(1 pcb)
€ 33
- out of stock -
Triple Chorus (Solina) (2023 re-run)(1 pcb)
€ 33
Haible Frequency Shifter (2023 re-run)(2 pcbs)
€ 60
Subtle Chorus NOS(2 pcbs)
€ 66

Haible String Filter


Jürgen Haible's original String Filter pcb (100% identical to the original) is now available again - freshly made 2016 in Germany in the same factory as the original pcbs. There are no changes on the pcb, i.e. you get the exact same pcb as if you had ordered it in 2010. Please note that the string filter is a 2 pcb set.

String Filter (new)(2 pcbs)
€ 54

LIVING VOCODER re-run 2016

Jürgen Haible's original 20 band Living Vocoder pcb (100% identical to the original monster pcb released in 2011 - no changes at all!) is available in a limited R&D (re-)run. Please note that Jürgen called it in "debugging state", so this is not a finalized design - the ideo is to start another joint beta-phase in order to identify and fix any issues or required adjustments, so this is clearly aimed at people both experienced and crazy enough to take this on. THERE WILL BE NO SUPPORT AT ALL. Run will is limited (each pcb is appr. 40cm x 30cm! - see photo)! Price is € 100 per pcb (for the bare pcb only - no parts included!) + € 12 shipping (worldwide as a signed letter) (original price was € 300), but please note that this is not a cheap or simple project - have a look at the original BOM. More info on the original board: http://jhaible.com/legacy/vocoder/living_vocoder.html


How it works: if this does not scare you away, you can pre-order a board here by placing a DEPOSIT of € 30. Please note that this is only a deposit / partial payment, not the full price of the pcb! If the run should not happen for whatever reason, your deposit will be refunded through Paypal. However, please understand that I cannot accept any cancellations after you place your pre-order, so your deposit will be lost if you change your mind afterwards. The boards will be ordered in January 2016 - most likely in a few days - and you will be asked to pay the remaining price + shipping when the pcbs are ready to be shipped. (Sony tape will not be included! ;-)

--- UPDATE 22 March 2016: 1 VOCODER BOARD LEFT :-) ---

How it works now: if you have pre-ordered and placed a deposit, please pay the rest by ordering the "REMAINDER" on this page. Since the shop currently has a fixed shipping rate of € 9, the remainder is set to € 73 (i.e. includes € 3 to cover € 12 shipping). Most likely you have already paid € 9 for shipping when you placed the deposit - so may end up paying shipping twice. Please never mind, I will refund you any overpaid shipping - this is easier for me than calculating an individual balance for every pre-order. Feel free to remind me in case this does not happen automatically.


If you have not pre-ordered: due to over-delivery of the factory, a few pcbs are still available any can be ordered here (while stock lasts).

Haible Vocoder(1 pcb)
€ 103
Haible Living Vocoder

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