Haible Son of Storm Tide Flanger (SOST)

Haible Son of Storm Tide Flanger 2015

Flanger is a bit of an understatement for Jürgen Haible's incredible reinvention of a vintage effect unit. The Son of Storm Tide Flanger is now back in a slightly modernized version:

  • PCB size has been reduced to 6" x 4".
  • Obsolete CA3046 has been replaced (see below!)
  • No more upright resistors or resistor arrays
  • 1uF Film caps as an alternative to electrolytics
  • BF545A (SMT) as an alternative to BF245A.
  • You still need 1x BF245A (or BF545A), 2x TDA1022 BBD chips as well as 2 AA 143 germanium diodes (see rare part kits below)
  • MTA-156 power connector for +/-15V (or experimental: +/-12V) - don't install the onboard-PSU parts if you use a regulated power supply!!!
  • Some connectors have been moved to the edge of the board to allow connecting component pcbs via pin headers - downside: space may be too tight to use normal headers. Workaround: use (breakable) precision sockets for manual wiring or testing.
  • Board is big, very dense, requires some rare parts (see rare parts kit below) and may have to be hard-wired due to space restrictions - wiring can be a challenge. Only recommended for experienced builders!


The SOST pcb is available in different configurations:

  1. Bare pcb - contains no SMT parts, i.e. requires hand-soldering of:
    • NEW Version 1.02: either 1x LM3046 (bottom side) or 2x BCM847DS + 1x BC850C (top side above the SOST marking)
    • previous versions: 1x LM3046 (bottom side)
    • all versions: bypass caps in SMT - no components soldered in or contained!
  2. SMT version (NEW 1.02): (only) transistor pairs (top side) are already soldered in - bypass caps (bottoms side) are not soldered in. DO NOT INSTALL an LM3046 when the SMT-Transistors are already installed!
    (Previous SMT versions had an LM3046 and bypass caps in SMT reflow soldered in.)
Bottom side with LM3046 and bypass caps installed (v 1.01): Haible SOST smt detail LM3046

While stock lasts, there is the option to order the following not-so-easy-to-find parts along with the SOST ("rare parts"):

  • 2x TDA1022 BBD ICs (New old stock)*
  • 2x germanium diodes AA 143

Please note: the TDA1022 are obsolete for many years and I don't have the time and means to test these chips - I cannot give any guarantees that they actually work. However, I obtained them from a trustworthy source who bought them decades ago when they went out of production - so far I haven't had any reported as bad, but that may not mean anything. So any purchase of TDA1022 is at your own risk - I can only pass on what I bought to make this run possible. If you do not agree to this, please don't order the rare parts kit.


Update for Version 1.02:

V 1.02 is almost identical to V 1.01, but SMT-Footprints on the top have been added to allow using 2x BCM847DS transistor pairs and 1x BCM850C instead of the (now obsolete) LM3046 on the bottom side. Of course the LM3046 footprint can still be used (if the BCM847DS and the BCM850C are not installed). The 1k TEMPCO resistor is to be mounted on top of the transistor pair used (as indicated on the board) - either on top of the BCM847DS (top side) or the LM3046 (bottom side).

V1.02 Silkscreen with values

Update: for all versions, we suggest to use R30 = 620K, R5 = 100K, R59 = 100K.

The following info is for v1.01 of the 2015 Haible SOST pcb by R*S only - (not for the original Haible board!). Any information is preliminary and subject to change - please compare against Jürgen's original documentation - don't simply rely on the files here.

V1.01 Silkscreen with values (note 3 updated values!)

V1.01 Silkscreen with reference designators

original Bill of materials (BOM) - not updated yet, see above

2015 Schematics

Jürgen's original SOST page

Please inform me by email (or via the contact form) about any errors you find - Thanks!

All information provided is strictly for personal / educational use only.
Please do not distribute / mirror.

Order Info / Disclaimer

A limited number of pcbs is now available for experienced builders. Please not that this is a DIY project involving a fairly complex board designed to be powered by +/-15V (+/-12V seems to work as well but may need some adjustments).

Price: € 33 (bare pcb without any SMT parts)

Price: € 42 (SMT pcb with LM3046 and bypass caps installed)

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