Haible Krautrock Phaser /
Schulte Compact Clone

The background of the "Krautrock Phaser" in Jürgen's own words: If you listen to German records from the 1970's, you often hear a rather unique phasing that comes from a device called "Compact A Phaser" from the Berlin company "Gert Schulte Audio Elektronik". It's often referred to as "Schulte Phaser", and I have heard it being called "Krautrock Phaser", "Schulze Phaser" (because it's prominent on many early KS albums), "TD Phaser" (because of Tangerine Dream). In my opinion, this phaser has been important to the sound of these early electronic musicians almost as much as the synthesizers the used.

Haible Krautrock Phaser 2015

Official re-issue #1 by Random*Source

The Krautrock Phaser 2015 pcb is a faithful reproduction of the original board by Jürgen Haible that has not been available for years.

Original documentation including BOM: Jürgen's Krautrock page

- please read the section on Safety and Thermal Issues -

Some details of the Random*Source Krautrock pcb:

  • Layout widely identical to the original pcb, except
  • (1) Jumper to select feedback stage (2, 4 or 6)
  • (2) Optional connector for Resonance pot (in addition to Res trimpot)
  • (3) Support for 9mm vertical pcb-mount Alpha pots (alt. to Alps)
  • Power supply: 18V external or +/-15V (MOTM standard)
  • Pcb size: 160mm x 100mm
  • ROHS / lead free / gold finish (ENIG)
  • Pcb made in EU

The Krautrock PCB is not particularly difficult to build, but due to the size only recommended for experienced builders. Also, due to the lamps used, please be aware of power consumption and heat. Please refer to the original documentation and BOM.

Price: € 36

KRAUTROCK PCB (2015 Black pcb)    36 EUR

Additional build info for the 2015 edition of the pcb:

Krautrock 2015 build info
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