Haible VC Poly Resonator (Eurorack)

Haible VC Resonator 2023 for Eurorack Haible VC Poly Resonator 2023 for Eurorack

The Haible VC Resonator is an evolution of Jürgen Haible’s Resonator which was inspired by the Polymoog Resonator. As Jürgen stated: “The Polymoog, an early polyphonic synthesizer, featured a 3-band “Resonator” section that allows Formant-Filtering in addition to its dynamic Filters. Such a Resonator is a very useful feature for analogue synthesizers”. Each of the three (now overlapping) filter bands has a control for frequency, signal gain, and emphasis (resonance). The VC Resonator now not only adds VC control for each band, but also extends the ranges whithin which each frequency band can be set - adjacent bands can now overlap or even cross over, for instance the LOW and MED bands can now be set (or moved!) so that the LOW center frequency is higher than the MED frequency.

Jürgen’s original Resonator (like the Polymoog) had a switch to select one of 3 basic modes, i.e. only one mode could be used at a time. The Haible VC Resonator now provids the same 3 modes as separate outputs so they can be used simultanously, e.g. for further processing like crossfading.

Some details of the Haible VC Resonator:

  • Evolution of Jürgen Haible's design
  • Added Voltage Control for Filter bands
  • Extended range of each band (overlapping)
  • Three separate outputs
  • Burr-Brown op-amps and high-end VCAs
  • Eurorack (3U) format, 18 hp
  • Skiff-friendly: < 30mm deep
  • Power: appr. 60mA @ +12V and 60mA @ -12V

Order Info

The VC Poly Resonator is offered (only) as a eurorack module (fully built and tested, no DIY!).

Price: € 450

Haible Living VCOs 2021 (Eurorack)

Haible Living VCOs 2021 for Eurorack aible Living VCOs 2021 for Eurorack - rear view

Jürgen Haible's goal was to build a set of VCOs that have the untamed bass range power of early EMS and Moog VCOs, but which are tracking a keyboard voltage over 5 or more octaves nevertheless. I found that "untamed" Beating in the bass range and controlled beating in higher octaves is not possible with standard exponential 1V/Oct oscillators. A good part of that special sound of early Moog and EMS oscillators is not because of any "randomness", "unstability", "instability" or "noisyness", as so often is said. A good deal of their behavior is because of that, but it is not the whole story. There are also some very deterministic factors in these old circuits which have been unpleasant side effects for the designers back then, but which are worth a closer analysis when we're designing a musical VCO today.

Order Info

The Haible LivingVCOs are now available as a complete module (built and calibrated, no DIY!).

Some details of the Haible Living VCOs:

  • Faithful adaption of Jürgen Haible's design
  • Discrete, noisy servo in expo converters (VCS3 feature)
  • Emulation the low frequency behaviour of linear (Hz/V) VCOs and of leakage (EMS VCOs)
  • Capable of very pleasant beat rates between the VCOs over the entire keyboard range
  • Allows rich and powerful animated bass sound, and smooth "phasing" slow-beating sound in higher octaves
  • Discrete (no opamp) pulse width modulators (capable of smooth audio rate PWM)
  • VCO driver with two CV inputs, LFO oscillator with limited speed range
  • Accepts vibrato
  • Exponential (RC-Shaped) Portamento
  • Added Triangle and Sine outputs
  • Added SYNC inputs
  • Eurorack (3U) format, 42 hp
  • Skiff-friendly: < 30mm deep
  • Power: appr. 150mA @ +12V and 125mA @ -12V

Price: € 865 - AVAILABLE! -


Haible Tau "The Pipe" phaser (Euro)

Haible Tau Pipe for eurorack Haible Tau Pipe for eurorack - rear view

Jürgen Haible's legendary redesign of the Tau "The Pipe" Phaser has now (and for the first time ever) been adapted to Eurorack format. The 2021 version is a new, skiff-friedly design. It includes some additions and modifications compared to the original Haible version like Extended CV control: -1V/Oct and an attenuverting CV input.

Haible Tau Audio Samples

MF0207 · Haible Tau "The Pipe" phaser - What the fuck?!


Jürgen's original Tau Pipe flanger page

Order Info

The Haible Tau phaser is now available as a complete module (built and calibrated, no DIY!).

Some details of the Haible TAU Pipe phaser module:

  • Faithful adaption of Jürgen Haible's design
  • Uses crazy caps for sonic performance.
  • Eurorack (3U) format, 18 hp
  • Skiff-friendly: < 30mm deep
  • Power: appr. 45mA @ +12V and 40mA @ -12V

Price: € 400 - AVAILABLE! -

Haible Dual Wasp Filter (Euro)

Jürgen Haible's WASP Filter is now available for eurorack in a dual version with some modifications and addons - including a MODE section that acts as a dynamic link between both filters. It allows to combine the filters in series or parallel or anything in between - even voltage controlled(!). Also, each side can blend from lowpass to highpass or bandpass (yes, the notch is in there, too!) creating infinite filterbank combinations. A Sync switch has been added to be able to control both side’s cutoff frequency with from the left side. The unique distortion can be configured to PRE or POST for each side. This is a (mostly) through-hole version containing very few optional SMT parts (not included).

  • 2 Identical Haible WASP filters including distortion
  • Blend from Lowpass to Highpass or Bandpass
  • Distortion can be configured to be PRE or POST
  • MODE blends from serial to parallel setup - even CV controlled.
  • SYNC: control Cutoff of both filters at the same time
  • Infinite options from 4-pole VCF to Stereo filter
  • Massive drone machine
  • Complex oscillator when patched to self-oscillate
  • No wiring needed

Random*Source has acquired Jürgen Haible's legacy and is the only authorized source of Haible designs.

Dual WASP Audio Samples


Order Info

A limited number of euro kits (front panel + pcb sets) is now available. Please not that this is a DIY project - some sodering and building experience is recommended.

  • Front panel 22 hp, 2mm aluminum, made in Germany
  • main pcb (no parts included)
  • panel pcb (no parts included) - no wiring


Haible Dual WASP for Euro kit

Price: € 90


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