What is the difference between eurorack and the 4U systems?

User interface (UX): Eurorack is 3U high and uses eurorack (phone) jacks. The classic 4U format is 33% higher and uses banana jacks. Eurorack jacks can sometimes use their switching mechanism ("normalizing") to route a signal to the input as long as no cable is inserted. Eurorack jacks also bring a 0V (GND) connection which easily causes a glitch sound when inserting a cable. Banana jacks do neither of these things.

Circuitry and Sound: There is generally no sonic difference between the eurorack version and the 4U version of a module. Bothe versions use the same circuitry, voltage levels are the same, too.

Can I mix eurorack Serge and 4U Serge?

Absolutely: You just need to

  1. find a way to connect the different jacks / cables, for instancy by using a format jumbler like Pont Neuf and
  2. make sure the two systems (powert supplies used) share GND - all our PSUs have a GND-jack (banana format) for this purpose which can be connected to the Pont-Neuf GND jack.

What is the best panel / system to dive into the Serge (4U) world?

That's a tough question as it highly depends on your background and motivation. The best way is to get your hands on a small system and play around with it. Resist the urge to start with a huge system or have every module in it. The most essential Serge modules like the SSG / GTO / DSG / GTS are very deep - to discover only a fraction of their possibility takes time and focus. MANTRA II might be an excellent starting point. The 4X4 format also allows you to start with a system and then adjust / rearrange / swap.

Will DIY kits become available again?

The chip crisis forced us to focus on complete modules and suspend all DIY offerings (apart from certain Haible pcbs). Currently we are more than busy with the production of complete modules and systems so it appears unlikely that DIY will (re)appear in the near future.


What is the best way to order a 4U system?

For simple orders, for instance you just want to buy a second or 3rd panel and you are already have one of our PSUs, you can simply order on the website. However, if you are planning a larger system or have any specific preferences (such as where the power connector should be or you need a longer power cord to the PSU) or you are not sure about the options such as wooden sides, simply send us a message through the contact form or an email. Please include the shipping destination so we can provide an individual quote including shipping.

Do you ship to ...?

We use UPS (or DHL Express) to ship (almost) everywhere / worldwide. If you require shipping to a rather exotic destination or overseas territory please check with us before placing an order.

How long does my order take?

If you order a Serge panel or 4U system that is in stock and does not require any customisation, processing your order usually takes 1-3 days. If the order is to a Non-EU country, obtaining customs clearance and export papers may take a few extra days before the shipment can take off. Shipping itself in most cases takes only 1-3 days.

If you order a 4U system which is not readily in stock, building, calibrating and testing your system may take 1 to 3 weeks before it can be shipped.

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